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    How can my product help you?

    If you are a caregiver of the elderly, my twelve-lesson fixed-term membership series can help you make the most of the task - to recognize it as an opportunity for growth, both for yourself and anyone in your care. It can help you to deal purposefully with the emotional and sp8iritual challenges of being a caregiver. Old or young, whatever your physical condition, the products offered by the Shining Swan website can benefit your health. Through Young Living, on the site, you have access to the finest, purest essential oils. You can experience the excitement of choosing the most appropriate oils to help you deal with a health concern. You too may have your physician confirm positive results. Through 4Life products, on the site, you may experience the thrill of hearing the word "victim" of a dread disease be changed to "survivor" for yourself or a loved one. You too can know the thrill of feeling stronger and more energetic each day through a well-regulated immune system.

    Why I work online and what I want to accomplish

    Working online is ideal for a senior. It permits you to be independent, to work when you choose, at your own time and pace. Given the ability and patience to acquire the necessary knowledge (and a bit of help in applying it correctly) it is interesting, flexible and can be lucrative. It can also establish helpful and pleasant relationships with others., For me it provides the opportunity to earn money to assist a needy friend, to pass on lifetime experience that can help others, and to share the knowledge of dependable health products I know and have used with success for many years.

    What I do online

    I have explored and read. I respected the advice of some and rejected others. I made mistakes and wasted good cash. Slowly I learned to focus and invest time and money wisely. I am now promoting two useful websites based on personal experience with life and health.

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