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    How can my product help you? is a social networking mini jobs site. It offers average and professional people with special skills, talents and job experiences an opportunity to freelance and post their skill sets from $5 to $100 for outsourcers to buy. This platform provides an opportunity for many people to earn extra money to support their lifestyles. As for outsourcers, my site provides them an opportunity to save money and time personally, for their business and/or for their employer. They can find needed skillset in all the following categories; Advertising, Business, Charity, Fun & Bizarre, Gifts, Graphics, Linking, Music & Audio, Photography, Post Cards, Programming, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, Technology, Tips & Advice, Translation Services, Travel, Video, Web Design, Writing and if all else fails - Other

    Why I work online and what I want to accomplish

    I work online to market jobs, products, my books and to promote my websites. I write blogs, Squidoo Lenses, and post status updates on both Twitter and Facebook. I write articles, do PowerPoint presentations and market my jobs platform. My hope is to gain recognition as the guy who published a lot of helpful consumer awareness things that has and does help a lot of people solve or avoid problems and/or to have helped people launch a successful freelance service provider career online.

    What I do online

    Ronald Hudkins is an administrator of a social marketing micro job site. This webpage is where freelancers can post their skill sets for free and charge a fee from $5 up to $100 per micro job they post.. Outsourcers visit to review mini tasks and hire freelancers at to complete those micro jobs contracted expertly, efficiently and reasonably.

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