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    In 1997 James took the ultimate plunge and started a home-based business in the bedroom of his small apartment. Within 12 months it had out-grown his bedroom and occupied an office with over a dozen staff. Discovering that most of his time ended up dealing with staff and office dramas, he returned to the simple pleasures of running a home-based business. Since 2002, James has worked in many varied industries, companies and helping small business owners, entrepreneurs to maximize their profits with all their online endeavors. He regularly travels, consults and teaches in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Panama and Japan.

    What I do online

    A graduate and former lecturer of the Australian College of Natural Medicine and College of Traditional Healing Arts, specializing in the arts of Traditional Chinese Medicine. James has spent the better part of 17 years helping individuals find better personal and financial health. In early 1994, he got his first taste of direct marketing by attending world renowned marketing genius, Jay Abraham's seminar. It was during the seminar he learnt Jay's super marketing philosophy of "how to maximize results with minimum effort". This seminar also became the stepping stone for his ventures into the world of internet marketing.

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