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    How can my product help you?

    My manual traffic exchange, Whirlwind Traffic has grown in leaps and bounds this year. It is a free service which delivers over 25000 page views each day. Traffic Exchanges are an ideal resource for advertising with squeeze (or lead capture) and splash pages. Instant Squeeze Page Generator is a free online service that I am an owner/partner of and provides a very easy way of creating attractive squeeze or splash pages. My latest project is The Webmaster Course. My main aim with this site is to use my 30 years of computer, programming and online experience to assist business owners in their online ventures. I provide tips, techniques and videos which are requested by the website viewers and members of my mailing list.

    Why I work online and what I want to accomplish

    Like many online marketers, I enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working from home, doing the things I enjoy most. I still have much to achieve though. After 5 years I feel that I could have achieved much more if I'd spent more time promoting myself and focusing on the things that matter rather than taking ad-hoc programming jobs and jumping from online program to online program. That all changes this year. Time to tear up the life script from the last 5 years and write a totally new one!

    What I do online

    I've been online since 1990. Over the past 15 years I've mainly been programming (in the PHP language), running my ISP business which launched in 1995 and, over the past 5 years, working from home developing sites and services for other marketers as well as my own sites and services. I won and part-own several sites that provide internet traffic and marketing related services. I'm the co-owner and lead developer of Robert Puddy's LFM membership script.

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