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    How can my product help you?

    If you're sick of harassing your friends and co-workers about your "business opportunity" and going broke buying leads that only turn out to be duds... You may be interested in learning the closely-guarded secret that every guru knows about marketing: You can attract people to you and actually have them PAY YOU to prospect them. Rather than spending money to get people into your business, you can put cash in your pocket upfront instead... Regardless of whether you sponsor them or not!

    Why I work online and what I want to accomplish

    In short and very simple terms, I want to achieve total financial freedom. The Renegade System has shown me the way to financial freedom.

    What I do online

    I use the Renegade System to build my online businesses. I also coach and show people how to work any of their online businesses by using the Renegade System.

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