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    How can my product help you?

    Build a list of people and make you a lot of great money. This WILL erase every other program out there as this just has too much potential! 1. A pro auto responder service like aweber 2. Unlimited Video Hosting and creation tools 3. A full lead capture and prospecting system 4. A VoIP conference room like Webex 5. UNLIMITED domain hosting in their state of the art data center! 6. Master resell rights to their amazing software competition witness 7. The best coaching in the online mlm industry 8. A compensation plan that is unmatched in MLM

    Why I work online and what I want to accomplish

    The Founders began to realize that if they could make massive incomes using these secrets, so could the masses... as long as the entry costs could be significantly reduced. After years of research, development, and testing GVO was born. Everything you will find here represents ways that the elite turn their money into extreme wealth. What's so exciting is that we have developed or found alternative routes for everyone to get involved without all the risk! Most of what GVO will teach you in The GVO Academy has typically been available only to people in higher income brackets. What GVO has successfully done is seek out ways to get average income earners involved with these "Big Money" systems...

    What I do online

    The GVO and founding members are a unique bunch of individuals seeking better ways to secure their financial goals and dreams. Through a team survey it was discovered that MANY in the Group have already or are currently trying to make money, above and beyond their existing income from "work". A lot of people mentioned trying various multi-level or network marketing programs with little to moderate success. Some joined a number of investment clubs, 99% of which were short-lived. But what's so interesting is the majority of those surveyed still hadn't given up on their search for making money online. The Founders of GVO also have a long history in multi-level and network marketing. They eventually started hunting for alternative ways to making money and after YEARS of searching and weeding though the trash they began uncovering the "underground railway" that has led from one true wealth building secret to the next.

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