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    How can my product help you?

    Home building and remodeling can be treacherous with many pitfalls, twists, turns, and blind alleys. Going it alone without a knowledgeable guide or a proven system can be costly. My Dream Home Creation and YOU online manual can provide you with the systems and answers you need to make your experience a great success. Get what you want in a home. Save thousands of dollars by using building professionals in a completely unique way that is fully outlined in the manual. Enjoy a step by step "how to manage your homebuilding project" that will take away the fear and replace it with fun and high expectations. Don't go it alone without the best possible tools. "Dream Home Creation and YOU" is that tool.

    Why I work online and what I want to accomplish

    The internet allows me to spread my message to the most people possible. It allows me to reach places I never could have before and help more people than I could have previously imagined. I want to bring new hope to people who've held a dream they thought impossible to accomplish. And to those who are already planning to build or remodel, I'll give them a way to thoroughly thrive and enjoy the journey! I have perfected an owner-builder system developed over the years of helping more that 150 families build and remodel their own homes and now I'm providing it to everyone. I want members everywhere to benefit from the things my clients and I have learned and to benefit from being aligned with industry professionals who dedicate themselves to help those that want to manage their own building project and get what they want.

    What I do online

    I provide information and support to those who are preparing to build or remodel a home. My website is full of ideas, suggestions, and encouragement for those who dream of building or creating the perfect home. My goal is to give people the courage and strength they need to finally accomplish that Dream Home Dream. I provide ebooks, manuals, seminars, and blogging tips and strategies. Much of it is free. I will soon be launching an Association Membership site that will bring businesses, building professionals, and owner-builder consumers together for the first time. My passion is to "level the playing field", eliminate the fear, and bring the joy back to building a home.

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